The only Irrigation Control and Monitoring System you will ever need. Motorola IRRInet is a total water management platform, meaning that you can add-on technologies of tomorrow with your IRRInet system. If today you just need soil moisture monitoring and tomorrow calls for integrated irrigation control, no problem – if you have IRRInet.

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Mission Critical Irrigation Control
Wireless Automation for the 21st

Capabilities as wide as your irrigation area

From Basic Central Irrigation Control to Dynamic, conditional programs that react to real-time conditions. You select the capabilities. We make it happen.

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Select only the capabilities you need.

The wide ranging capabilities of Motorola Irrigation is second to none. Select only the capabilities you need today, knowing that you are covered in the future if you need additional irrigation automation features.

A sample of our vast capabilities

Remote Monitoring


Filter Flushing

Non Line of Site Wireless


Steps to Automate your irrigation and tips.

Automation may seem like a daunting task, even intimidating. Where do I start? How much is it going to cost? is it worth it? Let's look at these concerns and help you get Automated.

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Motorola IRRInet Platform


Connect over 100 assets


Pay for only what you need.

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Cross device control and monitoring

Cloud Based.